Eric Brunt
Designer + Artisan + Contractor
Olympia, Washington
bruntworks at outlook dot com
As a multi-dimensional designer, my diverse experiences include creating architectural elements, buildings, furniture, outdoor sporting goods, medical equipment, hydration equipment used by professional sports leagues and athletes, websites, graphics, and photographs. I have also developed significant hands-on experience in woodworking, steel fabrication, 3D modeling, rapid prototyping, maintenance, and automotive restoration. Brunt Works, LLC was formed in 2023 to unite these skills in pursuit of independent work and realizing 10+ years of personal designs aspirations.
I developed a fascination with deconstructing and building things early in life due in part to my hands-on learning style and drive to understand how things worked. I was also attracted to expressing myself through drawing and music. These interests ultimately led me to a path of studying architectural and industrial design, two unique yet complimentary practices at the foundation of my creative skill set. This background affords me the ability to balance large scale / big picture planning with small scale / detailed craft. Key lessons from studying architecture include the importance of considering perspective, context, and scale within design and decision making. It also introduced me to fine woodworking and furniture design, which peaked my interest in hands-on work at smaller scales and having full responsibility of the design and building process. Practicing industrial design further refined my understanding of concepts such as composition, color theory, materials, processes, visual communication, and user experience.
Around 2015 I had to pause my professional design aspirations after experiencing health issues in conjunction with significant losses within my family. My energy shifted toward tending to my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. I continued to practice design + artisanship through personal and occasional independent projects to maintain and progress my skills. The practice of transitioning from a productivity mindset to one of mindfulness reshaped my process and purpose while also acting as an essential element of my healing journey. Exploring creativity for creativity’s sake brought me back to the therapeutic nature of curiosity and play while also reminding me that my most fulfilling projects arose when I was grounded by these principles. A shift to working in maintenance, facilities management, and steel fabrication afforded me opportunities to expand my hands-on abilities and building knowledge while maintaining a separation between my occupation and creative outlets I was desiring at the time.
After 18 years in Seattle I moved back to my hometown of Olympia where I now have a workshop to focus on designing and building hand-crafted goods, creating a broad range of custom projects, and performing handyperson work for my community. I'm especially drawn to projects rooted in sustainability and utilize local, repurposed, and salvaged materials whenever possible. I'm able to offer a diverse array of design and building services to suit a variety of needs, please reach out if you have any questions or interest in working together!
Brunt Woodworks – Artisan Woodworking and Design
Brunt Works – Specialty Contractor – Handyperson [bruntw*77205]
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